Choosing to Wear a Wig

Choosing to Wear a  Wig

Why would someone choose to wear a wig ? 

The answer is as complex as the question, for some women it's to provide themselves with the feeling of having coverage where they need it most. Some ladies choose wigs to boost their sense of Self-esteem & for Confidence. Wearing a wig can truly be an act of convenience for others, tossing on a hairstyle and leaving the house can be someone's time saver. Hair health and protection is another example of reasons to adorn a wig, wearing a protective style like a wig can give your own natural hair a break from the weather, chemical treatments and heat tools, resulting in a much needed hair break. 

We at Crowned Beauty see a number of different reasons why women choose to cover using a wig including, family history of hair loss, hormonal changes and medical conditions, medications, chemotherapy & radiation therapy, extreme stress events, deficiency in vitamins, trichotillomania. The list is endless, and the hardships are very real. 

I myself have suffered from moments of hair loss due to thyroid issues, it was at my lowest point that I decided that I had to find a solution to move forward, having my own grandmother as an example of someone who I knew had suffered through the same issues as myself, she found comfort and her confidence back in her wigs. It was in spring of 2017 that I decided to go full time with wigs, and I know that was the right choice for myself to make. Choosing to wear wigs gave me control of my life back, I was more outgoing, I chased more goals, and even found a career that I could assist others in their own hair journeys.  

So no matter the reason, season, or journey you find yourself on, we are here to help you find the perfect solution for you. We understand that every situation is unique and calls for an individual consultation. Choosing a path forward that fits your needs is what we are passionate about here at Crowned Beauty.


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