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Knitz Box Braid

Knitz Box Braid
Knitz Box Braid
Knitz Box Braid
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• Pre-braided
• Natural Texture Feel
• Crochet Loop
• Ready To Install
• Quick & Easy Interlocking
• Versatile Styles
• Soft & Smooth Texture
• Hot Water Set
• Lightweight

“Ready to Crochet with Box Braids”
Experience a crochet innovation with our new Afri-Naptural Box Braids! Our Box Braids come pre-braided with an Instant Crochet Loop, facilitating time allowing quicker and easier box braid installations like never before! Create trendy Up do’ styles or hot water set your braids to make beautiful lasting curls and waves. Get ready to Crochet with Afri-Naptural BOX BRAIDS –for crocheting!