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Color Shown: BrownSugar SweetCream Read more..

Nitro cold brews are cold brews infused with nitrogen. Nitrogen is a colorless, odorless gas with smaller bubbles than carbon dioxide. These tiny bubbles have a hard time dissolving, which gives the coffee a thick, heavy feel. Nitrogen can make a drink as strong as black coffee taste smooth and sweet (Google, 2019). Nitro from Belle Tress is an excellent example of originality in design, luxury in fiber, and technology in craftmanship. Nitro shows off a brand-new and modern curl pattern that you've never seen before, smooth and sweet, and full lace front with an extended side monofilament part.

Cafe Colors and Description

Color Shown: BrownSugra SweetCream
Special Features: Creative Lace Front
Fiber Type: Heat Friendly, made with ButterTex
Bangs: N/A
Side: 15.5"
Nape: 8"
Back: 16"-16.5" 
Overall: 8"-16.5”
Weight:      5.3 oz
Cap Size:     Average