1 Hair Topper/Wiglet FAQ
1.1 What is a Hair Topper / Wiglet?

A hair topper / wiglet is one of the best options to conceal female, or male pattern hair loss and/or volume up thinning hair. With hair toppers / wiglets, while there is no one size fits all solution, clients are able to uniquely address their partial hair loss needs. With many shapes and sizes, hair toppers / wiglets can blend with your hair by a few snaps of their build-in comfortable clips. These miniature wigs shade different areas of hair loss depending on the coverage the client wants. For example, some offer more coverage on the crown of the head, while others aim to cover the sides or back of the head. One of the reasons why hair toppers / wiglets are so loved by clients is because they are lightweight and comfortable to wear, you can wear multiple at once and they create a more natural look of fullness by adding volume and length if you choose to your existing hair. When choosing a hair topper / wiglet, the client will want to note the base style and size, the hair length, hair type and colour. This will help the experts at Crowned Beauty determine which style is right for you.

1.2 How does a Hair Topper / Wiglet work?

There are a couple different types of hair toppers / wiglets you can choose from. Normally, a hair topper / wiglet would be wore using one of two different methods. Some are attached to your scalp with tape or glue adhesives, while others clip-in using comfortable, pressure-sensitive clips. Wearing a hair topper / wiglet that is set in place via an adhesive method means they are more secure in place and will last longer. While, the clip-in other can move around more freely.

1.3 Who needs a Hair Topper / Wiglet?

Hair toppers / wiglets can be worn by any individual with hair loss.
Hair loss can occur due to a number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • Aging
  • Alopecia
  • Chemotherapy
  • Certain medications
  • Stress
  • Trichotillomania

Whether the client wishes to cover up straight hair loss, thinning areas or areas lacking in
volume, or baldness on the scalp, a hair topper / wiglet can be a great option rather than a full
It is also important to remember that not everyone who wears a hair topper / wiglet experiences
hair loss, some clients wear them to balance out lengthy extensions, build volume or just simply
because it helps them achieve the look and confidence they want.
Hair toppers / wiglets are for everyone.

1.4 What is the difference between a full wig and a hair topper / wiglet?

A full wig:

  • Provides total hair coverage.
  • Available in synthetic or human hair types.
  • Available in multiple colour choices.
  • Can be worn with a wig cap underneath.

A hair topper / wiglet:

  • Provides coverage for one targeted area of hair loss on the scalp.
  • Available in synthetic or human hair types.
  • Available in multiple colour choices.
  • Clips-in or is secured with adhesive and blends with existing natural hair.
2 Selecting Your Hair Toppers / Wiglets
2.1 Step 1: Determine your type of hair loss

In order for the experts at Crowned Beauty to assist you, we first need to determine the type of hair loss you’re experiencing. The stages of hair loss can be classified by the amount of hair you’ve lost. • Beginning Stage Hair Loss o Minimal loss. o Hair loss begins in a diffused pattern, typically at the crown of the head. • Progressive Stage Hair Loss o Scalp becomes noticeable through sparse areas of hair. • Advanced Stage Hair Loss o Very noticeable hair loss areas, or completely bald areas of the scalp. o Depending on the severity, Crowned Beauty experts will help you shop for a hair topper / wiglet or a full wig.

2.2 Step 2: Measure the area of hair loss

Measuring the areas of hair loss will help the experts at Crowned Beauty select a hair topper wiglet base that is the perfect size for you. There are a couple important things to keep in mind when measuring. First, we recommend if possible to get a friend or family member to help take your measurements. To measure, use a soft seamstress measuring tape and record the measurements of the widest points from front to back and side to side across the area of hair loss. Once you’ve recorded the measurements, it’s very important to add one inch to each measurement. Why? You may ask. To allow for a half an inch of hair on each side or end of the base for the clip to attach to your existing hair. This will ensure a seamless transition from your natural hair to the hair topper / wiglet. If you are finding your measurements do not match up with the base measurements offered through Crowned Beauty hair toppers / wiglets, please call 780-533-2990 or visit us at 11801 100 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta, where can chat about your options and the possibility of looking at a full wig.

2.3 Step 3: Choose a base type

Hair toppers / wiglets come in a variety of different shaped bases.
To determine the base that is going to fit your needs, take note of where your hair loss is
For example, if your hair is thinning at the crown, a wider base will be necessary to ensure a
seamless transition to your natural hair. If your hair is thinning at your part, a base that is long
and skinny will be your best option.
There are two types of base options:

  •  Monofilament Base
    • This base is formed by attaching each individual hair to a soft mesh material.
      This base gives the appearance of real hair growing from the scalp because
      each hair is individual tied in to the base.
  • Classic Base
    • The base features rows or wefts of hair. The unique aspect of using a hair
      topper / wiglet with a classic base is that often your own natural hair can be
      pulled through between the rows or wefts for a natural, seamless look.
2.4 Step 4: Select hair type, length and colour

Let’s select your hair type:

  • Much like wigs, hair toppers / wiglets come in synthetic, human hair and heat friendly synthetic options and also, just like wigs, there are many pros and cons to each hair type. Read more details on the specific hair types here
  • Most clients choose between the human hair and heat friendly synthetic hair option to achieve the texture, look and styling capability of their natural hair.

Let’s select your hair length:

  • Hair toppers / wiglets come in a variety of lengths. The length is completely customized to the client based on the final  look they are wanting to achieve.
  • Clients with shorter hairstyles often desire hair toppers / wiglets to match the length
    of their styles from root to end, while clients with longer hairstyles are freer to choose
    any length depending on if they want a layered look or not.

Let’s select your hair colour:

  • An important thing to keep in mind when shopping for your hair topper / wiglet is that there will not always be a perfect match for every shade, but our goal at Crowned Beauty is to match you with a shade as close to your natural hair colour as possible.
  • Some clients choose their hair toppers / wiglets in a colour they wish their natural hair colour was, and then professionally dye their natural hair to match.
  • Take advantage of Crowned Beauty’s complimentary colour consultation where friendly representatives will assist you in making the right colour choice for you. Please call 780-533-2990 or visit us at 11801 100 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta to book your appointment.

3 How To Wear Your Hair Toppers / Wiglets
3.1 Prepare/position and secure/style:
  • If you’ve selected a hair topper / wiglet with an adhesive base:
    •  Before attaching the hair topper / wiglet, make sure your hair and scalp are
    • Step 1: Remove the backing of the tape to expose the adhesive.
    • Step 2: Place the front of the hair topper / wiglet in the area you want, so that hair loss is covered.
    • Step 3: Press firmly to secure.
    • Step 4: Leave it for a couple minutes before you start styling.
  • If you’ve selected a hair topper / wiglet with a clip-on base:
    • Step 1: Make sure all clips on the underside of the hair topper / wiglet are open.
    • Step 2: Place the front edge of the hair topper / wiglet approximately 1-2 inches from the front of your hairline, positioning it over the area of hair loss
      Pro tip: Lightly tease your hair in areas where the hair topper / wiglet clips for a more secure hold.
    • Step 3: Secure and close the clips.
    • Step 4: Style and blend hair as desired.