How To Buy A Wig

Step 1: Head Size

Before you shop for a wig it’s important to set your shopping experience up for success, and that entails knowing that type of cap you’re looking for. Most wigs come in three basic sizes: petite, average and large.

Whether you measure the circumference of your head on your own, or in store with one of our friendly representatives, we recommend placing the seamstress measuring tape along your hairline. You can also measure using a flexible piece of cloth if you do not have a proper seamstress measuring tape at home or are unable to come in-store for assistance.

Guideline for measuring at home:

Starting at the centre of your forehead, trace all the way around your hairline, behind your ears to the nape of your neck and back behind your opposite ear to meet back at the centre of your forehead.

Most of the wigs sold at Crowned Beauty come with an adjustable strap that allows for a customized fit.

If you have questions about sizing, measuring or adjusting the strap on your wig, please call Crowned Beauty at 780-533-2990 to talk to a helpful representative or visit our storefront in the Prairie Mall, 11801 100 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Step 2: Hair Type

There are three types of hair to consider when choosing the perfect wig for you; Human Hair, Synthetic Hair and Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair.

Human Hair
There are several pros and cons to consider when looking at a real human hair wig. Human hair wigs offer the same styling versatility of real hair which is a huge pro most of our clients are looking for. However, keep in mind that without the natural oils from your scalp to condition the wig, human hair wigs can get dry and brittle without proper maintenance.

Human hair wigs require the most maintenance, styling and upkeep out of all the three wig hair types and are also the most expensive option. Human hair wigs can lose their style in rain or humidity and must be restyled often. They are known to last a year or more (if worn daily) with proper care. Keeping in mind that most women do not wear their wig every day.

Synthetic Hair
A huge misconception when thinking about purchasing a synthetic hair wig is that it will not look natural. Crowned Beauty is here to tell you that that is simply not true. We carry high quality synthetic hair wigs that are virtually indistinguishable in appearance from human hair wigs.
If you are looking for a wig that requires little styling, synthetic hair wigs are the perfect choice. They retain their shape and can be perked up easily with only a couple spritz from a spray bottle filled with water.

One potential negative to synthetic wigs to keep in mind is that they cannot be exposed to heat tools including but not limited to, curling irons, straighteners and hair dryers as it will permanently damage the fibers in the wig.

Synthetic wigs are known to last 4-6 months (if worn daily) with proper care. Keeping in mind that most women do not wear their wig every day.

Heat Friendly Synthetic Hair
Heat friendly synthetic hair wigs hold true to everything listed above in the synthetic wig section with the major difference being these wigs can be styled with heating tools of the maximum temperature of 350 degrees.

A couple pros and cons for you to consider include these wigs allow for the change of your look from curly to straight without the worry of permanently damaging the fibers of the wig but they are also known to be more difficult to style and maintain than human hair wigs.

Heat friendly synthetic wigs are known to last 3 months (if worn daily) with proper care. Keeping in mind that most women do not wear their wig every day.

Need more information?
Please call Crowned Beauty at 780-533-2990 to talk to a helpful representative about the three hair type options or visit our storefront in the Prairie Mall, 11801 100 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Step 3: Wig Caps

There are four types of wig caps to choose from; classic, monofilament, hand-tied and lace front.

Classic Wig Caps
Wigs with a classic wig cap are machine made with traditional rows of hair sewn together with teased fibers at the root to conceal the cap underneath. Due to the construction of the classic wig cap, they will offer less styling versatility but provide a look that is natural and affordable.


  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
  • Built-in volume with the rows of hair sewn together.


  • Not a lot of styling versatility.

Monofilament Wig Caps
Wigs featuring a monofilament wig cap makes your hair look and move in a completely real fashion. More expensive than the classic wig cap option, monofilament wig caps place each hair individually on a transparent mesh cap for comfort achieving the effect of real hair growing from your scalp. Monofilament wig caps allow styling versatility with the ability to move your part and style your hair how you deserve. You could have a side part one day and a centre part the next.


  • Ability to move parts to achieve different looks.
  • Softer on the scalp.
  • Natural hair look and movement.


  • More expensive than classic wig cap.
  • Mesh monofilament cap needs proper upkeep and care.

Hand-Tied Wig Caps
Wigs featuring a hand-tied wig cap provide the most comfortable and most natural look possible. The entire wig cap features a hand-tied construction of each individual strand of hair tied to a very soft piece of fabric. Typically the wig cap material for a hand-tied wig has a four-way stretch which makes it feel like you’re wearing a head-cover or scarf. On average, a hand-tied wig cap can take up to 40 hours to create and therefore are the most expensive option.


  • Most natural look.
  • Most comfortable look.
  • Perfect for sensitive scalps.


  • Most expensive wig cap option.

Lace Front Wig Caps.
Wigs featuring a lace front can be on a classic wig cap, monofilament wig cap or a hand-tied wig cap. Lace front wigs mimic the look of hair growth at the front hairline with a sheer piece of lace that can be customized. Each individual hair is tied by hand onto a very fine lace material. This allows a more natural finish and transition for you to pull your hair back from your face for a natural look.


  • Natural-looking hairline.
  • Hair pulled back from your face.


  • Very fine lace material must be handled with care.
  • Some lace front wigs are not ready-to-wear and must have the lace-trimmed or customized before use.

Need more information?
Please call Crowned Beauty at 780-533-2990 to talk to a helpful representative about the four wig cap options or visit our storefront in the Prairie Mall, 11801 100 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Step 4: Style

The fun truly begins after you’ve decided on your size, hair type and cap type. Browse through the Crowned Beauty website to view different styling options including short, medium and long hair styles and everything in between.

A couple key items to keep in mind when choosing a style.
Selecting a wig style for your face shape will help you look and feel your best. Determine your face shape by pulling your hair back and standing in front of the mirror while you trace the outline reflection of your face with a washable marker, or even a tube of lipstick onto the mirror.

If your face is:

    1. Oval Shaped: Your face is longer than it is wide and it is slightly narrower at the jawline than at the temples, with a gently rounded hairline.
      You will look best in styles that are off the face and accentuating your face shape. You have the most versatile shape for hairstyles.

      Avoid: Thick bang styles.

    2. Round Shaped: Your face is twice as long as it is wide. You have a round chin and a round hairline.

      You will look best in styles that add fullness and height at your crown and off-center parts.

      Avoid: Chin length or very short cropped styles.

    3. Heart Shaped: Your face appears wide at the temples and hairline and narrows to a small delicate chin.

      You will look best in chin length or longer styles, side parted styles, swept forward layers and wispy bangs.

      Avoid: Short, full styles with tapered necklines.

    4. Square Shaped: Your face is a wide as it is long and you have a strong, square jawline and a square hairline.

      You will look best in short to medium hair length styles, especially those with wave or roundness around the face.

      Avoid: Straight bangs with linear lines, centre parts and styles that are long and straight.

    5. Diamond Shaped: Your face is a cross between at oval and a heart shaped face. You are widest at your cheekbones with a narrow forehead and chin.

      You will look best in a variety of styles. Play around and see what you like best.

      Avoid: Hairstyles with a lot of hair around the face will hide your great features.

    6. Oblong or Rectangular Shaped: Your face is longer than it is wide. Your face appears long and slender.

      You will look best in styles with layers to add softness to the straight lines of your face.

      Avoid: Long styles will make your face look even longer. Avoid centre parts.

    7. Pear Shaped: Your face is characterized by a narrow forehead and a round jawline.

      You will look best in styles that create width at your forehead and temples.

      Avoid: Full, long styles that emphasize the jawline.

A couple other things to keep in mind when choosing a wig style.

Although, a long wig style may be something you have your eyes on, keep in mind that usually a shorter wig is easier to manage as well as creates less of a transition once your own hair begins to grow.

If you would like to match your new style wig to your own existing hair, detailed length measurements are included with all of our wigs online. Measuring your own hair lengths before you lose your hair will provide helpful information as you are making your selection.

Need more information?
Please call Crowned Beauty at 780-533-2990 to talk to a helpful representative or visit our storefront at in the Prairie Mall, 11801 100 Street, Grande Prairie, Alberta

Step 5: Colour

Most of the wigs carried at Crowned Beauty come in a selection of approximately 30 colours of the 600+ unique wig colours we offer.

If you are looking to change up your hair colour through a wig, browse our website and jot down a couple of the hair colours you think you may like to try then take advantage of Crowned Beauty’s complimentary colour consultation where friendly representatives will compare the online photos to our in-store hair swatches that are available in your desired choice of wig style.

If you’re looking to match your natural hair colour because you are experiencing hair loss, here are a couple helpful tips.

The experts at Crowned Beauty can assist with matching your natural hair colour as best as possible through in-person consultation or by seeing photographs of your natural coloured hair.

If you are experiencing rapid hair loss, it is very helpful to cut a locke of hair for colour matching to your wig.

If you are torn between two colour options, the recommendation is to choose the lighter hair colour. Harsh health treatments that can often lead to hair loss can also wash out your skin tone. A lighter colour of hair will soften the effect for a more flattering look.